This is the readme for a model that reproduces figures 5 - 8 from 

Rall, W.
Theoretical significance of dendritic trees for neuronal input-output
In: Neural Theory and Modeling, ed. Reiss, R.F., Palo Alto: Stanford
University Press (1964).

For a more recent print of the same article, see pages 122-146 of
The Theoretical Foundation of Dendritic Function,
ed. Segev, I., Rinzel, J, and Shepherd, G.M.,
Cambridge, MA: MIT Press (1995).

This implementation by Ted Carnevale, to whom questions should be addressed.

1.  Unzip into an empty directory.
2.  Compile the mod file with (linux/unix) nrnivmodl or (mswin/mac)
3.  (mswin) Double click on init.hoc, or (linux/unix) execute
    nrngui init.hoc
    from the command line or (mac) drag and drop init.hoc onto the
    nrngui icon.
4.  A panel will appear with labeled buttons that offer a selection of
    figures, e.g.
    "Fig. 7--effect of activation sequence"
    Click on one of these to see NEURON reproduce the simulations 
    shown in that figure of the original article.  The Fig 7 button