This is an Allen Cell Types Database model of a Pvalb-IRES-Cre neuron from layer 6a of the mouse primary visual cortex. The model was based on a traced morphology after filling the cell with biocytin and optimized using experimental electrophysiology data recorded from the same cell. The electrophysiology data was collected in a highly standardized way to facilitate comparison across all cells in the database. The model was optimized by a genetic algorithm that adjusted the densities of conductances placed at the soma to match experimentally-measured features of action potential firing.

Data and models from the Allen Cell Types Database are made available to the community under the Allen Institute's Term of Use and Citation Policy.


1. Allen Institute (2015) Documentation Allen Cell Types Database.

Download the Allen SDK version of this model directly from the Allen Cell Types Database.

Electrophysiology and simulation results viewer at the Allen Cell Types Database for this cell. Once this page loads, select Biophysical - perisomatic in the select neuronal model field.

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