Model files in the NEURON simulation environment (v.8.2.0) from the paper:

"Kinetics and functional consequences of BK channels activation by N-type Ca2+ channels in the dendrite of mouse neocortical layer-5 pyramidal neurons.”

By Blömer LA, Giacalone E, Abbas F, Filipis L, Tegolo D, Migliore M and Canepari M

Front. Cell. Neurosci. 18:1353895. doi: 10.3389/fncel.2024.1353895

Compile the mod files with mknrndll (mswin or graphical mac) or nrnivmodl (unix/linux)). Start the simulation by (unix/linux) typing on the command line:

nrngui mosinit.hoc

or (mac os x) drag and dropping the mosinit.hoc file on the nrngui icon or (mswin) double clicking on the mosinit.hoc file.

Click on the buttons "ctrl vs CaN block," "ctrl vs BK block," and "ctrl vs BK block vs & BK/CaN block" to replicate respectively the simulations shown in the left, center, and right panels of Figure 8B. Next, modify the parameter "cancoeff_bk2" to 0 and repeat the aforementioned steps to reproduce the previous simulations but without coupling between N-type VGCCs and BK CAKCs, as shown in Figure 8C.

The simulations will reproduce the effects of coupling between BK CAKCs and N-type VGCCs in a biophysically accurate model.