The code in this zip file contains the code to run the model simulations in the manuscript Valence recall in CRH^PVN neurons (Fuzesi et. al., 2023, see [1] below). The scripts contain two files: - Figure 3: The code to run the simulated network shown in Figure 3 in [1] - Supplementary Figure Nutella: The code to run the simulated network with the Nutella protocol described in [1]. Note that the scripts will save two files (that are fairly large) to the same folder as the scripts. All email inquiries with regards to the code on modelDB should be sent to [1] F├╝zesi, T., Rasiah, N.P., Rosenegger, D.G. et al. Hypothalamic CRH neurons represent physiological memory of positive and negative experience. Nat Commun 14, 8522 (2023). [](