NEURON CODE from the paper:

Alturki A, Feng F, Nair A, Guntu V, Nair SS (2016) Distinct current
modules shape cellular dynamics in model neurons, Neuroscience 334:

In the paper, two versions (termed 'original' and 'segregated') of
four different single cell models are compared to illustrate that the
segregation procedure provides results similar to the original model.

The four different single cell models used in Alturki et al. (2016)
are from the following publications:

1. Peter Hemond, Daniel Epstein, Angela Boley, Michele Migliore,
Giorgio A. Ascoli, and David B. Jaffe (2008) Distinct classes of
pyramidal cells exhibit mutually exclusive firing patterns in
hippocampal area CA3b.  Hippocampus 18(4):411-424

2. Pospischil, M., Toledo-Rodriguez, M., Monier, C., Piwkowska, Z.,
Bal, T., Fregnac, Y., Markram, H. and Destexhe, A. (2008) Minimal
Hodgkin-Huxley type models for different classes of cortical and
thalamic neurons.Biological Cybernetics 99: 427-441.

3. Rubin D, Cleland TA (2006) Dynamical mechanisms of odor processing
in olfactory bulb mitral cells. J Neurophysiology.

4. Alturki A, Nair A, Guntu V, Nair SS (2015) Single neuron models for
network simulations. In: Proceedings of the First Indian control
conference Chennai, India.

The original single cell models from these papers are provided in a
folder labeled 'Original' within each of the four sub-folders. Each of
the four sub-folders also has another folder labeled 'Segregated' that
has the model generated after the segregation procedure we propose in
Alturki et al. 2016.

The procedure to compile and run the codes is provided in separate
readme files in each of the subfolders titled 'Segregated'.


Under unix systems:
to compile the mod files use the command 
and run the simulation hoc file with the command 
nrngui FILENAME.hoc

Under Windows systems:
to compile the mod files use the "mknrndll" command.
A double click on the simulation file
will open the simulation window.

Under MAC OS X:

Drag and drop the FILE folder onto the mknrndll icon in the NEURON
application folder. When the mod files are finished compiling, double
click on the simulation file FILENAME.hoc

The auto-launch demo offers to run "segregated" (see paper) versions
of the Hemond et al 2008 models.  Buttons 9B, 9C, 9E from Hemond et al
2008 fig 9 sub panel 

screenshot 0

results in the graphs for the Fig. 4 B left, middle, and right,
respectively in Alturki et al. 2016:

fig 9b - fig 4b left
fig 9c - fig 4b middle
fig 9e - fig 4b right

By manually running the original simulation with the mosinit_orig.hoc
in the "Original" subfolder (need to compile and use the mod files there
as well), the first two and fourth buttons results are in Fig. 4 A in
Alturki et al. 2016:

screenshot 1
screenshot 2
screenshot 4


Questions on how to use this model
should be directed to

20160126 Original/mosinit.hoc was renamed to Original/mosinit_orig.hoc
in the 1_Hemond folder so that auto-launch would compile the mod files
and demo the Segregated sub-folder instead of the Original subfolder.