This code was used in: Masquelier & Kheradpisheh (2018) Optimal localist and distributed coding of spatiotemporal spike patterns through STDP and coincidence detection. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. with Matlab R2016b
Aug 2018
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The code is in STDP/src
The main script in STDP/src/main.m
It has a long header with some info.

The parameters are gathered in param.m
The current values correspond to the optimal for P=5 patterns (see Table 1 in the paper) The simulation takes around 15 min (depending on your system).

plots.m is launched at the end of main.m to plot the results (similar to Figure 6 in the paper):

perf.m computes some performance indicators mean_perf.m averages batch results (after running is a Python script that launches multiple threads of main.m with different random seeds (see its header for more information)

The data is read/written in STDP/data/