MANUSCRIPT: "Modelling the Effects of Ephaptic Coupling on Selectivity and Response Patterns during Artificial Stimulation of Peripheral Nerves", by Miguel Capllonch-Juan and Francisco Sepulveda (2020). PLOS Computational Biology. SECTION: "Results: Field generated by the electrode" MODEL: Nerve 1 DATASET: This dataset contains the code and the data for the subsection "Results: Field generated by the electrode". - Data: - Code: ./code/ INSTRUCTIONS Running the simulation: 1. Enter the folder "code". 2. Run the simulation using "" Visualizing data: 3. Convert the results to an xyz format using the script "". 4. Visualize results with the script "". Figs 1 and 2 in the manuscript are generated with this script, apart from other figures. TROUBLESHOOTING - Any problems? Please search for your issue or open a new one on the software's GitHub repository: