This folders contain the .hoc, .ses and .mod files used for the manuscript:

"Coincident glutamatergic depolarizations enhance GABAA receptor-dependent 
Cl- influx in mature and suppress Cl- efflux in immature neurons"

by Aniello Lombardi, Peter Jedlicka, Heiko J. Luhmann, and Werner Kilb

To run the programs you first have to compile the .mod files using mknrndll for EACH folder.

The simulations are ordered in seperate folders according to the figures/panes in the manuscript. They should run from
each folder after compiling the .mod-files.

The essential parts of the models (mod-files for the GABA-currents and Chloride-Bicarbonate-handling
as well as the hoc-file with the reconstructed CA3 hippocampal neuron) are in addition isoltaed to
the folder "Essential Elements". 

The simulations can by automatically started using the Start_xxx.hoc files.