# Scn2a Compartmental Model Models and Jupyter notebooks for: ** Paper reference ** The simulations were tested with: - Python v3.8.5 - NEURON v8.0 Model in ./Na12 Analysis/NaV12_analysis.ipynb corresponds to Figure 3, S3A-B, S4. Model in ./Ri Increase/25% Ri Increase Figures.ipynb corresponds to Figure S3C. Compile in mechanisms folder by running shell command `nrnivmodl` (Mac)/`mknrndll` (Windows) and copy x86_64 folder (Mac)/nrnmech.dll (Windows) to model folder. For additional information, please contact bens.roy@gmail.com or henry.kyoung@ucsf.edu ## Changelog 2023-02-28: updated for C++ compatibility (NEURON 9+) 2023-04-20: updated for SoA data compatibility (NEURON 9+)