This simulation reproduces the model published 

Cataldo E, Brunelli M, Byrne JH, Av-Ron E, Cai Y, Baxter DA
Computational Model of Touch Sensory Cells (T Cells) of the Leech:  Role of the Afterhyperpolarization (AHP) 
in Activity-Dependent Conduction Failure
Journal of Computational Neuroscience (in press)

NOTICE that these simulations are complex and take several minutes to load and (some of them) several hours to run!

Example use:

Start SNNAP (double click on the SNNAP.jar file)
click on "Run Simulation"
Then in the new window "File"->"Load Simulation"
browse to and load bph_mixmod.smu file to load a simulation
that creates a figure similar to Fig6C from the paper and click "Start"
See to download SNNAP