parbush, parbulbNet, and pardentategyrus contain the original and parallelized
versions of the ModelDB models used in fig 4 of
Migliore, Cannia, Lytton, Markram, and Hines (2006)
Parallel Network Simulations with NEURON
J. Comput. Neurosci. 21:110-119

The parscalebush directory contains the extended Bush model used to
develop fig 5.

The perf1 directory contains the artificial spikeing net model used to
develop fig 6.

Note: for autolaunch from ModelDB, after the choice of which of the three
figure 4 models to run, an attempt is made to do the appropriate
nrnivmodl or mknrndll and dynamically load the shared library or dll.
In those three directories, see the files for an example of how
these simulations were run in parallel. When executed, an out.dat file
containing the spike pattern is created as well as some performance information
written to the perf.dat file.

20120125 update solve methods in parbush/kca.mod parscalebush/kca.mod
from euler to cnexp as per
20120323 Replace VERBATIM block use of local dt with dtt since dt is
now a macro.  Update a function prototype used in a VERBATIM block.
20150219 With Michael Hines suggestion, parbush/kca.mod and
parscalebush/kca.mod updated to a derivative block compatible with
cnexp (restores original model epileptiform activity).

2022-05: Updated MOD files to compile with the latest neuron releases where
         ion variables used as STATE can not be declared as GLOBAL.