Python demo of the VmT method to extract conductances from single Vm traces (Pospischil et al. 2009)

This python code implements a method to estimate synaptic conductances from single membrane potential traces (the "VmT method"), as described in Pospischil et al. (2009). The method uses a maximum likelihood procedure and was successfully tested using models and dynamic-clamp experiments in vitro (see paper for details).

Model Type: Synapse

Model Concept(s): Methods

Simulation Environment: Python

Implementer(s): Destexhe, Alain [Destexhe at]; Pospischil, Martin


Pospischil M, Piwkowska Z, Bal T, Destexhe A. (2009). Extracting synaptic conductances from single membrane potential traces. Neuroscience. 158 [PubMed]

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