ModelDB provides an accessible location for storing and efficiently retrieving computational neuroscience models. ModelDB is coupled with NeuronDB, an archive of experimentally observed neuron properties. Models in ModelDB can be coded in any language for any environment. Model code can be viewed before downloading, and browsers can be set to auto-launch the models. For further information, see McDougal et al (2016), Reproducibility in Computational Neuroscience Models and Simulations and McDougal et al (2017), Twenty years of ModelDB and beyond: building essential modeling tools for the future of neuroscience.

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Markovian model for HCN-encoded current regulated by capsazepine (Wong et al., 2024)

Cholinergic modulation of resting state networks (Sanda et al., accepted)

Touch-Motor Circuit (Gradwell et al., 2024)

Electrical properties of dendritic spines (Popovic et al. 2015)

Equivalent excitability achieved via different Nav subtypes (Xie et al., 2024)

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