Modeling extracellular electrical stimulation (Tahayori et al. 2012)

"The validity of approximate equations describing the membrane potential under extracellular electrical stimulation (Meffin et al 2012 J. Neural Eng. 9 065005) is investigated through finite element analysis in this paper. To this end, the finite element method is used to simulate a cylindrical neurite under extracellular stimulation. Laplace's equations with appropriate boundary conditions are solved numerically in three dimensions and the results are compared to the approximate analytic solutions. ..."

Model Type: Extracellular

Model Concept(s): Extracellular Fields

Simulation Environment: MATLAB; COMSOL


Tahayori B, Meffin H, Dokos S, Burkitt AN, Grayden DB. (2012). Modeling extracellular electrical stimulation: II. Computational validation and numerical results. Journal of neural engineering. 9 [PubMed]

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