ModelView: online structural analysis of computational models (McDougal et al. 2015)

" ... To aid users, we have developed ModelView, a web application for NEURON models in ModelDB that presents a graphical view of model structure augmented with contextual information. Web presentation provides a rich, simulator-independent environment for interacting with graphs. The necessary data is generated by combining manual curation, text-mining the source code, querying ModelDB, and simulator introspection. ... With this tool, researchers can examine the structure of hundreds of models in ModelDB in a standardized presentation without installing any software, downloading the model, or reading model source code."

Model Concept(s): Methods

Simulation Environment: NEURON; Python

Implementer(s): McDougal, Robert [robert.mcdougal at]


McDougal RA, Morse TM, Hines ML, Shepherd GM. (2015). ModelView for ModelDB: Online Presentation of Model Structure. Neuroinformatics. 13 [PubMed]

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