Response of AMPA receptor kinetic model to glutamate release distance (Allam et al., 2015)

These files model the response of an AMPA receptor kinetic model to the release (and diffusion) of glutamate as a function of distance between receptor and release site.

Model Type: Synapse; Channel/Receptor

Receptors: AMPA; Glutamate

Transmitters: Glutamate

Simulation Environment: SBML; LibRoadRunner

Implementer(s): Allam, Sushmita [sushmita.allam at]; Bouteiller, Jean-Marie C [jbouteil at]; Hu, Eric [ehu at]; Ambert, Nicolas [nicolas.ambert at]; Greget, Renaud [renaud.greget at]; Bischoff, Serge [serge.bischoff at; Baudry, Michel [michel.baudry at]; Berger, Theodore W. [berger at]


Allam SL et al. (2015). Synaptic Efficacy as a Function of Ionotropic Receptor Distribution: A Computational Study. PloS one. 10 [PubMed]

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