A model of the T-junction of a C-fiber sensory neuron (Sundt et al. 2015)

The effect of geometry and ionic mechanisms on spike propagation through the T-junction of an unmyelinated sensory neuron.

Model Type: Axon

Cell Type(s): Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) cell

Currents: I K; I M; I K,Ca; I Sodium; I Calcium; I Potassium; Na/K pump

Model Concept(s): Conduction failure

Simulation Environment: NEURON

Implementer(s): Jaffe, David B [david.jaffe at utsa.edu]


Sundt D, Gamper N, Jaffe DB. (2015). Spike propagation through the dorsal root ganglia in an unmyelinated sensory neuron: a modeling study. Journal of neurophysiology. 114 [PubMed]

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