A neural mass model of cross frequency coupling (Chehelcheraghi et al 2017)

"Electrophysiological signals of cortical activity show a range of possible frequency and amplitude modulations, both within and across regions, collectively known as cross-frequency coupling. To investigate whether these modulations could be considered as manifestations of the same underlying mechanism, we developed a neural mass model. The model provides five out of the theoretically proposed six different coupling types. ..."

Model Type: Neural mass

Region(s) or Organism(s): Neocortex; Human

Model Concept(s): Gamma oscillations

Simulation Environment: MATLAB (web link to model)

Implementer(s): Chehelcheraghi, Mojtaba


Chehelcheraghi M, van Leeuwen C, Steur E, Nakatani C. (2017). A neural mass model of cross frequency coupling. PloS one. 12 [PubMed]

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