A single kinetic model for all human voltage-gated sodium channels (Balbi et al, 2017)

Code for simulating macroscopic currents of sodium channels (Nav1.1. to Nav1.9), by means of a single kinetic model. Intensity-voltage curves, normalized conductance-voltage relationship, steady-state availability and recovery from inactivation are simulated.

Model Type: Channel/Receptor

Currents: I Sodium

Genes: Nav1.1 SCN1A; Nav1.2 SCN2A; Nav1.3 SCN3A; Nav1.4 SCN4A; Nav1.5 SCN5A; Nav1.6 SCN8A; Nav1.7 SCN9A; Nav1.8 SCN10A; Nav1.9 SCN11A SCN12A

Model Concept(s): Markov-type model

Simulation Environment: NEURON

Implementer(s): Balbi, Pietro [piero.balbi at fsm.it]


Balbi P, Massobrio P, Hellgren Kotaleski J. (2017). A single Markov-type kinetic model accounting for the macroscopic currents of all human voltage-gated sodium channel isoforms. PLoS computational biology. 13 [PubMed]

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