A Computational Model for the Binocular Vector Disparity Estimation (Chessa & Solari 2018)

A biologically-inspired model of disparity estimation: we consider the disparity patterns that arise when artificial and living beings fixate objects in the surrounding environment, in these situations the disparity is a vector quantity (i.e. vertical and horizontal disparities).

Model Concept(s): Vision; Disparity estimation

Simulation Environment: MATLAB

Implementer(s): Solari, Fabio [fabio.solari at unige.it]; Chessa, Manuela [manuela.chessa at unige.it]


Chessa M, Solari F. (2018). A Computational Model for the Neural Representation and Estimation of the Binocular Vector Disparity from Convergent Stereo Image Pairs International Journal of Neural Systems. 0

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