Voltage imaging calibration in tuft dendrites of mitral cells (Djurisic et al 2004)

A detailed morphology of a tuft is provided in a reconstruction of a mitral cell that was used to place simulated estimates on for the calibration of EPSPs as recorded in voltage imaging in the real cells (estimated to be within +12% to -18% of the actual amplitude).

Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell

Region(s) or Organism(s): Olfactory bulb

Cell Type(s): Olfactory bulb main mitral GLU cell

Model Concept(s): Methods


Djurisic M, Antic S, Chen WR, Zecevic D. (2004). Voltage imaging from dendrites of mitral cells: EPSP attenuation and spike trigger zones. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 24 [PubMed]

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