Resurgent sodium transient current in zebra finch RA (Zemel et al., 2021)

RA projection neurons in zebra finches display different levels of resurgent INa through development. This work reports that projection neurons in the adult zebra finch song nucleus RA display: 1) robust high-frequency firing, 2) ultra-short half-width spike waveforms, 3) superfast Na+ current inactivation kinetics and 4) large resurgent Na+ currents (INaR). Dynamic clamping provides evidence of INaR role in neuronal excitability. The model is composed by one gate with an activating and one inactivating particle which describe a transient inward current triggered by neuronal depolarization.

Model Type: Channel/Receptor

Cell Type(s): Zebra Finch RA projection neuron

Currents: I Sodium

Model Concept(s): Action Potentials; Motor control

Simulation Environment: IGOR Pro

Implementer(s): Dagostin, Andre [dagostia at]


Zemel BM et al. (2021). Resurgent Na+ currents promote ultrafast spiking in projection neurons that drive fine motor control Nature communications. 12 [PubMed]

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