NeuroGPU example on L5_TTPC1_cADpyr232_1 (Ben-Shalom 2022)(Ramaswamy et al., 2015)

This shows an example use case of building NeuroGPU simulation around a model pyramidal cell from the BBP portal. While the simulation can be run without python, we show how to update the parameters and run the simulation in python.

Model Type: Channel/Receptor; Dendrite; Axon

Cell Type(s): Neocortex layer 5 pyramidal cell

Currents: I Calcium; I K,Ca; I Potassium; I Sodium

Simulation Environment: NEURON; NeuroGPU; Python

Implementer(s): Ben-Shalom, Roy [rbenshalom at]


Ben-Shalom R et al. (2022). NeuroGPU: Accelerating multi-compartment, biophysically detailed neuron simulations on GPUs Journal of neuroscience methods. 366 [PubMed]

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