Simulation Environment: Emergent/PDP++

<a href="">Emergent </a>(a major rewrite of <a href="">PDP++</a>) is a comprehensive simulation environment for creating complex, sophisticated models of the brain and cognitive processes using neural network models. ... It includes a full GUI environment for constructing networks and the input/output patterns for the networks to process, and many different analysis tools for understanding what the networks are doing. It has a new tabbed-browser style interface with full 3D graphics (via OpenGL and Open Inventor/Coin3D), and powerful new GUI programming tools and data processing and analysis capabilities. The PDP++ software is a neural-network simulation system written in C++. It represents the next generation of the PDP software originally released with the McClelland and Rumelhart "Explorations in Parallel Distributed Processing Handbook", MIT Press, 1987.
Top authors for Emergent/PDP++:
Top concepts studied with Emergent/PDP++:
Top neurons studied with Emergent/PDP++:
Top currents studied with Emergent/PDP++:
Top references cited by these models:
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