Generalized Carnevale-Hines algorithm (van Elburg and van Ooyen 2009)

Demo illustrating the behaviour of the integrate-and-fire model in the parameter regime relevant for the generalized event-based Carnevale-Hines integration scheme. The demo includes the improved implementation of the IntFire4 mechanism.

Model Type: Synapse

Cell Type(s): Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron

Model Concept(s): Simplified Models

Simulation Environment: NEURON

Implementer(s): van Elburg, Ronald A.J. [R.van.Elburg at]


van Elburg RA, van Ooyen A. (2009). Generalization of the event-based Carnevale-Hines integration scheme for integrate-and-fire models. Neural computation 21 [PubMed]