Leaky integrate-and-fire model of spike frequency adaptation in the LGMD (Gabbiani and Krapp 2006)

This will reproduce Figure 9 of Gabbiani and Krapp (2006) J Neurophysiol 96:2951-2962. The figure simply shows that a leaky-integrate-and-fire model cannot reproduce spike frequency adaptation as it is seen experimentally in the LGMD neuron.

Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell

Cell Type(s): Locust Lobula Giant Movement Detector (LGMD) neuron; Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron

Currents: I K,Ca

Model Concept(s): Spike Frequency Adaptation

Simulation Environment: MATLAB

Implementer(s): Gabbiani, F


Gabbiani F, Krapp HG. (2006). Spike-frequency adaptation and intrinsic properties of an identified, looming-sensitive neuron. Journal of neurophysiology 96 [PubMed]