Cerebellar nuclear neuron (Sudhakar et al., 2015)

"... In this modeling study, we investigate different forms of Purkinje neuron simple spike pause synchrony and its influence on candidate coding strategies in the cerebellar nuclei. That is, we investigate how different alignments of synchronous pauses in synthetic Purkinje neuron spike trains affect either time-locking or rate-changes in the downstream nuclei. We find that Purkinje neuron synchrony is mainly represented by changes in the firing rate of cerebellar nuclei neurons. ..."

Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell

Region(s) or Organism(s): Cerebellum

Cell Type(s): Cerebellum deep nucleus neuron

Currents: I Na,p; I T low threshold; I h; I Sodium

Receptors: NMDA; Glutamate; Gaba

Transmitters: Gaba; Glutamate

Model Concept(s): Rate-coding model neurons; Rebound firing

Simulation Environment: NEURON


Sudhakar SK, Torben-Nielsen B, De Schutter E. (2015). Cerebellar Nuclear Neurons Use Time and Rate Coding to Transmit Purkinje Neuron Pauses. PLoS computational biology 11 [PubMed]