Reduction of nonlinear ODE systems possessing multiple scales (Clewley et al. 2005)

" ... We introduce a combined numerical and analytical technique that aids the identification of structure in a class of systems of nonlinear ordinary differential equations (ODEs) that are commonly applied in dynamical models of physical processes. ... These methods have been incorporated into a new software tool named Dssrt, which we demonstrate on a limit cycle of a synaptically driven Hodgkin–Huxley neuron model."

Cell Type(s): Hodgkin-Huxley neuron

Model Concept(s): Methods; Bifurcation; Multiscale

Simulation Environment: MATLAB (web link to model); XPP (web link to model)

Implementer(s): Clewley, Robert [rclewley at]


Kopell N, Rotstein HG, Clewley R. (2005). A Computational Tool for the Reduction of Nonlinear ODE Systems Possessing Multiple Scales Multiscale modeling & simulation. 4(3)

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