Respiratory central pattern generator network in mammalian brainstem (Rubin et al. 2009)

This model is a reduced version of a spatially organized respiratory central pattern generation network consisting of four neuronal populations (pre-I, early-I, post-I, and aug-E). In this reduction, each population is represented by a single neuron, in an activity-based framework (which includes the persistent sodium current for the pre-I population). The model includes three sources of external drive and can produce several experimentally observed rhythms.

Model Type: Realistic Network

Cell Type(s): Respiratory column neuron

Currents: I Na,p

Receptors: AMPA; Gaba

Transmitters: Gaba; Glutamate

Model Concept(s): Temporal Pattern Generation

Simulation Environment: XPPAUT

Implementer(s): Rubin, Jonathan E [jonrubin at]


Rubin JE, Shevtsova NA, Ermentrout GB, Smith JC, Rybak IA. (2009). Multiple rhythmic states in a model of the respiratory central pattern generator. Journal of neurophysiology. 101 [PubMed]

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