Inferior Olive, subthreshold oscillations (Torben-Nielsen, Segev, Yarom 2012)

The Inferior Olive is a brain structure in which neurons are solely connected to each other through gap-junctions. Its behavior is characterized by spontaneous subthreshold oscillation, frequency changes in the subthreshold oscillation, stable phase differences between neurons, and propagating waves of activity. Our model based on actual IO topology can reproduce these behaviors and provides a mechanistic explanation thereof.

Model Type: Realistic Network

Cell Type(s): Inferior olive neuron

Currents: I T low threshold

Transmitters: Gaba

Model Concept(s): Oscillations

Simulation Environment: NEURON

Implementer(s): Torben-Nielsen, Ben [btorbennielsen at]


Torben-Nielsen B, Segev I, Yarom Y. (2012). The generation of phase differences and frequency changes in a network model of inferior olive subthreshold oscillations. PLoS computational biology. 8 [PubMed]

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