Network model with dynamic ion concentrations (Ullah et al. 2009)

This is a network model composed of 100 excitatory and 100 inhibitory neurons with dynamic ion concentrations as described in "The Influence of Sodium and Potassium Dynamics on Excitability, Seizures, and the Stability of Persistent States: II. Network and Glia Dynamics (2009) Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 26:171-183".

Model Type: Realistic Network; Extracellular

Model Concept(s): Epilepsy

Simulation Environment: FORTRAN

Implementer(s): Ullah, Ghanim [ghanim.phy at]


Ullah G, Cressman JR, Barreto E, Schiff SJ. (2009). The influence of sodium and potassium dynamics on excitability, seizures, and the stability of persistent states. II. Network and glial dynamics. Journal of computational neuroscience. 26 [PubMed]

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