Mean Field Equations for Two-Dimensional Integrate and Fire Models (Nicola and Campbell, 2013)

The zip file contains the files used to perform numerical simulation and bifurcation studies of large networks of two-dimensional integrate and fire neurons and of the corresponding mean field models derived in our paper. The neural models used are the Izhikevich model and the Adaptive Exponential model.

Model Type: Realistic Network

Cell Type(s): Hippocampus CA3 pyramidal GLU cell; Abstract integrate-and-fire adaptive exponential (AdEx) neuron

Model Concept(s): Methods

Simulation Environment: MATLAB

Implementer(s): Nicola, Wilten [wnicola at]


Nicola W, Campbell SA. (2013). Bifurcations of large networks of two-dimensional integrate and fire neurons. Journal of computational neuroscience. 35 [PubMed]

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