Functional impact of dendritic branch point morphology (Ferrante et al., 2013)

" ... Here, we first quantified the morphological variability of branch points from two-photon images of rat CA1 pyramidal neurons. We then investigated the geometrical features affecting spike initiation, propagation, and timing with a computational model validated by glutamate uncaging experiments. The results suggest that even subtle membrane readjustments at branch point could drastically alter the ability of synaptic input to generate, propagate, and time action potentials."

Model Type: Synapse; Dendrite

Cell Type(s): Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell

Currents: I Na,t; I A; I K; I h

Transmitters: Glutamate

Model Concept(s): Action Potential Initiation; Dendritic Action Potentials; Active Dendrites; Influence of Dendritic Geometry; Action Potentials; Conduction failure; Information transfer; Bifurcation

Simulation Environment: NEURON

Implementer(s): Ferrante, Michele [mferr133 at]


Ferrante M, Migliore M, Ascoli GA. (2013). Functional impact of dendritic branch-point morphology. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 33 [PubMed]

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