Crayfish hybrid experimental model (Chung et al. 2015)

The Crayfish hybrid experimental model is an AnimatLab v1 neuromechanical model of the crayfish thorax and 5th walking leg that provides a virtual periphery to the live crayfish central nervous system. Run in real time, levator and depressor muscles are excited by motor nerve discharges of the CNS. Up and down movement of the leg shortens and stretches a model stretch receptor that controls movement of a real stretch receptor that provides sensory feedback to the CNS. Real-time sensory feedback provided by the model increases the locomotor cycle frequency by three-fold.

Transmitters: Acetylcholine

Simulation Environment: AnimatLab v1

Implementer(s): Cofer, David [dcofer at]


Chung B, BacquƩ-Cazenave J, Cofer DW, Cattaert D, Edwards DH. (2015). The effect of sensory feedback on crayfish posture and locomotion: I. Experimental analysis of closing the loop. Journal of neurophysiology. 113 [PubMed]

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