Grid cells from place cells (Castro & Aguiar, 2014)

" ...Here we present a novel model for the emergence of gridlike firing patterns that stands on two key hypotheses: (1) spatial information in GCs is provided from PC activity and (2) grid fields result from a combined synaptic plasticity mechanism involving inhibitory and excitatory neurons mediating the connections between PCs and GCs. ..."

Model Type: Realistic Network; Neuron or other electrically excitable cell; Synapse

Region(s) or Organism(s): Hippocampus; Entorhinal cortex

Model Concept(s): Synaptic Plasticity; Rate-coding model neurons; Place cell/field; Grid cell

Simulation Environment: MATLAB

Implementer(s): Aguiar, Paulo [pauloaguiar at]


Castro L, Aguiar P. (2014). A feedforward model for the formation of a grid field where spatial information is provided solely from place cells. Biological cybernetics. 108 [PubMed]

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