Understanding how fast activating K+ channels promote bursting in pituitary cells (Vo et al 2014)

"... Experimental observations have shown ... that fast-activating voltage- and calcium-dependent potassium (BK) current tends to promote bursting in pituitary cells. This burst promoting effect requires fast activation of the BK current, otherwise it is inhibitory to bursting. In this work, we analyze a pituitary cell model in order to answer the question of why the BK activation must be fast to promote bursting. ..."

Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell

Cell Type(s): Pituitary cell

Currents: I K; I K,Ca; I Calcium

Model Concept(s): Bursting; Oscillations; Bifurcation

Simulation Environment: XPP (web link to model)


Vo T, Tabak J, Bertram R, Wechselberger M. (2014). A geometric understanding of how fast activating potassium channels promote bursting in pituitary cells. Journal of computational neuroscience. 36 [PubMed]

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