Feature integration drives probabilistic behavior in Fly escape response (von Reyn et al 2017)

"... A Linear Model for Visual Feature Integration in the GF (Drosophila Giant Fiber) Circuit. To test our hypothesis that the GFs linearly integrate the separately encoded features of looming stimulus size and angular velocity, we developed a model to predict GF membrane potential across visual stimuli (Figure 8A). In this four-component model, the GFs linearly sum two excitatory components— non-LC4(Type 4 lobula columnar neurons)-mediated angular size excitation and LC4-mediated angular velocity excitation—and two inhibitory components— non-LC4- and LC4-mediated angular size inhibition."

Region(s) or Organism(s): Drosophila

Model Concept(s): Vision

Simulation Environment: MATLAB

Implementer(s): von Reyn, Catherine [crv33 at drexel.edu]


von Reyn CR et al. (2017). Feature Integration Drives Probabilistic Behavior in the Drosophila Escape Response. Neuron. 94 [PubMed]

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