Thalamocortical loop with delay for investigation of absence epilepsy (Liu et al 2019)

Conductance based network model of one thalamic reticular neuron, one thalamic pyramidal neuron and one cortical pyramidal neuron. Used to show that large delay in the corticothalamic connection can lead to multistability.

Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell

Region(s) or Organism(s): Thalamus

Cell Type(s): Thalamus reticular nucleus GABA cell

Currents: I T low threshold; I M; I h; I Sodium; I Potassium

Receptors: GabaA; GabaB; AMPA

Transmitters: Gaba; Glutamate

Simulation Environment: XPPAUT

Implementer(s): Liu, Yu ; Campbell, Sue Ann [sacampbell at]


Liu Y, Milton J, Campbell SA. (2019). Outgrowing seizures in Childhood Absence Epilepsy: time delays and bistability. Journal of computational neuroscience. 46 [PubMed]

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