Reaction-diffusion sims of Ca2+ signals in astrocytic branchlets at the nanoscale (Denizot et al 22)

Reaction-Diffusion simulations are performed in geometries that were designed from the latest data available from super-resolution microscopy on astrocytes, published by Arizono et al., Nature Communications, 2020. The high spatial resolution of this model allows to propose plausible mechanisms by which astrocyte morphology at the nanoscale, notably shaft width, can influence local calcium dynamics and thus affect specialized neuron-astrocyte communication.

Model Type: Glia

Cell Type(s): Astrocyte

Receptors: IP3

Model Concept(s): Reaction-diffusion

Simulation Environment: STEPS

Implementer(s): Denizot, Audrey [audrey.denizot at]


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