Conditions for synaptic specificity in maintenance phase of synaptic plasticity (Huertas et al, '22)

Long-lasting effects on synaptic efficacies are associated with the sustained increase in concentration of specific proteins like PKM?. Assuming that the long-term maintenance of synaptic plasticity is accomplished by a molecular switch we perform simulations using the reaction-diffusion package in NEURON and analytical calculations to determine the limits of synapse specificity during maintenance.

Model Concept(s): Reaction-diffusion; Synaptic Plasticity; Learning

Simulation Environment: NEURON; MATLAB

Implementer(s): Newton, Adam J H [adam.newton at]


Huertas MA, Newton AJH, McDougal RA, Sacktor TC, Shouval HZ. (2022). Conditions for synaptic specificity during the maintenance phase of synaptic plasticity eNeuro.

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