Layer-specific pyramidal cell props underlie diverse ACC motor + limbic networks (Medalla et al '21)

"A MATLAB-based model of pyramidal-interneuron network was extended from []... to simulate how intrinsic biophysical properties and inhibition can affect network synchrony and oscillatory frequencies in ACC L3 and L5... Four different networks were simulated depending on a subset of empirically derived biophysical, morphological and connectional properties of lamina- and target- specific ACC pyramidal neurons... our model is constrained by in vitro whole cell patch clamp recording data from the soma."

Cell Type(s): Hodgkin-Huxley neuron; Abstract Wang-Buzsaki neuron

Model Concept(s): Oscillations; Action Potentials; Spike Frequency Adaptation

Simulation Environment: MATLAB


Chang W et al. (2021). Layer-specific pyramidal neuron properties underlie diverse anterior cingulate cortical motor and limbic networks Cerebral Cortex.

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