Purkinje cell dendritic tree selection in early cerebellar development (Kato + De Schutter)

"The study presents the first computational model that simultaneously simulates Purkinje cell growth and the dynamics of granule cell migrations during the first two postnatal weeks, allowing exploration of the role of physical and synaptic interactions upon dendritic selection. The model suggests that interaction with parallel fibers is important to establish the distinct planar morphology of Purkinje cell dendrites. Specific rules to select which dendritic trees to keep or retract result in larger winner trees with more synaptic contacts than using random selection. A rule based on afferent synaptic activity was less effective than rules based on dendritic size or numbers of synapses."

Cell Type(s): Cerebellum Purkinje GABA cell; Cerebellum interneuron granule GLU cell

Simulation Environment: NeuroDevSim; Python


Kato M, De Schutter. (). Models of Purkinje cell dendritic tree selection during early cerebellar development PLoS Computational Biology.

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