Hybrid NEURON-COMSOL sciatic nerve model with extracellular TIME stimulation (Xie et al, accepted)

A toolkit that automates the NEURON-to-COMSOL and COMSOL-to-NEURON pipeline. It converts a NEURON nerve model to a COMSOL nerve model. It uses TIME electrode to extracellularly stimulate the nerve. It meshes and studies the COMSOL model, and exports the generated extracellular voltage values to the NEURON model. The generated COMSOL model consists of a cubic simulation box. Inside the simulation box is a cylindrical nerve defined by users. The nerve consists of cylindrical fascicles, which consist of cylindrical fibres. A TIME electrode is inserted transversally into the nerve. The TIME electrode consists of a cuboid substrate of type P25N Polyimide and a cylindrical stimulating electrode recessed at its centre. Orientation is towards x-axis. Unit of length is in micrometre.

Model Type: Extracellular

Region(s) or Organism(s): Mouse

Cell Type(s): Myelinated neuron

Model Concept(s): Extracellular Fields

Simulation Environment: COMSOL; NEURON; MATLAB; Python


Xie Y et al. (). Modulating individual axons and axonal populations in the peripheral nerve using transverse intrafascicular multichannel electrodes Journal of Neural Engineering.

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