Glutamate diffusion and AMPA receptor activation in the cerebellar glomerulus (Saftenku 2005)

Synaptic conductances are influenced markedly by the geometry of the space surrounding the synapse since the transient glutamate concentration in the synaptic cleft is determined by this geometry. Our paper is an attempt to understand the reasons for slow glutamate diffusion in the cerebellar glomerulus, a structure situated around the enlarged mossy fiber terminal in the cerebellum and surrounded by a glial sheath. ... Our results suggest at least a 7- to 10-fold lower apparent diffusion coefficient of glutamate in the porous medium of the glomerulus than in water. ... See paper for details and more.

Model Type: Synapse; Extracellular

Receptors: AMPA

Transmitters: Glutamate

Simulation Environment: NEURON

Implementer(s): Saftenku, Elena [esaft at]


Saftenku EE. (2005). Modeling of slow glutamate diffusion and AMPA receptor activation in the cerebellar glomerulus. Journal of theoretical biology. 234 [PubMed]

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