S cell network (Moss et al 2005)

Excerpts from the abstract: S cells form a chain of electrically coupled neurons that extends the length of the leech CNS and plays a critical role in sensitization during whole-body shortening. ... Serotonin ... increasedAP latency across the electrical synapse, suggesting that serotonin reduced coupling between S cells. ... Serotonin modulated instantaneous AP frequency when APs were initiated in separate S cells and in a computational model of S cell activity following mechanosensory input. Thus, serotonergic modulation of S cell electrical synapses may contribute to changes in the pattern of activity in the S cell network. See paper for more.

Model Type: Realistic Network

Region(s) or Organism(s): Leech

Cell Type(s): Leech S cell

Currents: I Sodium; I Potassium

Model Concept(s): Activity Patterns; Invertebrate

Simulation Environment: SNNAP

Implementer(s): Baxter, Douglas; Moss, Brenda [bmoss at usd.edu]; Byrne, John [john.h.byrne at uth.tmc.edu]


Moss BL, Fuller AD, Sahley CL, Burrell BD. (2005). Serotonin modulates axo-axonal coupling between neurons critical for learning in the leech. Journal of neurophysiology. 94 [PubMed]

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