Olfactory receptor neuron model (Dougherty et al 2005)

Demonstration of ORN model by Dougherty, Wright and Yew (2005) PNAS 102: 10415-10420. This program, dwy_pnas_demo2, simulates the transduction current response of a single olfactory receptor neuron being stimulated by an odorant plume. The program is interactive in that a user can tweak parameter values and stimulus conditions. Also, users can save a configuration in a mat-file or export all aspects to a directory of text files. These text files can be read by other programs. There is also an import facility for importing text files from a directory that allows the user to specify their own data, pulses and parameters.

Model Type: Dendrite

Cell Type(s): Olfactory receptor GLU cell

Currents: I K,leak; I Cl,Ca; I CNG

Receptors: Olfactory Receptors

Model Concept(s): Activity Patterns; Ion Channel Kinetics; Oscillations; Parameter Fitting; Simplified Models; Olfaction

Simulation Environment: MATLAB

Implementer(s): Dougherty, Daniel P [dpdoughe at mbi.ohio-state.edu]; Wright, Geraldine A [wright.571 at osu.edu]; Yew, Alice C [yew at math.ohio-state.edu]


Dougherty DP, Wright GA, Yew AC. (2005). Computational model of the cAMP-mediated sensory response and calcium-dependent adaptation in vertebrate olfactory receptor neurons. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 102 [PubMed]

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