Continuous time stochastic model for neurite branching (van Elburg 2011)

"In this paper we introduce a continuous time stochastic neurite branching model closely related to the discrete time stochastic BES-model. The discrete time BES-model is underlying current attempts to simulate cortical development, but is difficult to analyze. The new continuous time formulation facilitates analytical treatment thus allowing us to examine the structure of the model more closely. ..."

Model Type: Axon; Dendrite

Model Concept(s): Development

Simulation Environment: C or C++ program; MATLAB

Implementer(s): van Elburg, Ronald A.J. [R.van.Elburg at]


van Elburg RA. (2011). Stochastic Continuous Time Neurite Branching Models with Tree and Segment Dependent Rates Journal of theoretical biology 276 [PubMed]