An ion-based model for swelling of neurons and astrocytes (Hubel & Ullah 2016)

The programs describe ion dynamics and osmosis-driven cellular swelling. “code_fig3.ode” shows a scenario of permanent cessation of energy supply / Na/K-pump activity, and the induced transition from normal conditions to the Donnan equilibrium for an isolated neuron and its extracellular space. “code_Fig7.ode” shows spreading depolarization induced by an interruption of energy supply in a model consisting of a neuron, a glia cell and the extracellular space. The simulations show the evolution of ion concentrations, Nernst potentials, the membrane potential, gating variables and cellular volumes.

Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell; Glia

Cell Type(s): Astrocyte; Abstract single compartment conductance based cell

Currents: I Chloride; I Na,t; I p,q; I K; I K,leak; I h; I Sodium; I_K,Na; Na/K pump; I Cl, leak; I Na, leak; Osmosis-driven water flux

Transmitters: Ions

Model Concept(s): Depolarization block; Anoxic depolarization; Spreading depression; Volume transmission

Simulation Environment: XPPAUT


Hübel N, Ullah G. (2016). Anions Govern Cell Volume: A Case Study of Relative Astrocytic and Neuronal Swelling in Spreading Depolarization. PloS one 11 [PubMed]