Activity dependent changes in dendritic spine density and spine structure (Crook et al. 2007)

"... In this work, we extend previous modeling studies [27] by combining a model for activity-dependent spine density with one for calcium-mediated spine stem restructuring. ... Additional equations characterize the change in spine density along the dendrite, the current balance equation for an individual spine head, the change in calcium concentration in the spine head, and the dynamics of spine stem resistance. We use computational studies to investigate the changes in spine density and structure for differing synaptic inputs and demonstrate the effects of these changes on the input-output properties of the dendritic branch. ... "

Model Type: Dendrite

Currents: I Na,t; I K

Receptors: AMPA

Model Concept(s): Synaptic Plasticity; Synaptic Integration; Calcium dynamics

Simulation Environment: MATLAB


Crook SM, Dur-E-Ahmad M, Baer SM. (2007). A model of activity-dependent changes in dendritic spine density and spine structure. Mathematical biosciences and engineering : MBE. 4 [PubMed]

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