A model of beta-adrenergic modulation of IKs in the guinea-pig ventricle (Severi et al. 2009)

Detailed understanding of IKs gating complexity may provide clues on the mechanisms of cardiac repolarization instability and the resulting arrhythmias. We developed and tested a kinetic Markov model to interpret physiologically relevant IKs properties, including pause-dependency and modulation by beta-adrenergic receptors (beta-AR). The model was developed from the Silva & Rudy formulation. Parameters were optimized on control and ISO experimental data, respectively.

Model Type: Channel/Receptor

Cell Type(s): Cardiac ventricular cell

Currents: I_Ks

Model Concept(s): Ion Channel Kinetics; Markov-type model

Simulation Environment: Simulink

Implementer(s): Severi, Stefano [stefano.severi at unibo.it]


Severi S, Corsi C, Rocchetti M, Zaza A. (2009). Mechanisms of beta-adrenergic modulation of I(Ks) in the guinea-pig ventricle: insights from experimental and model-based analysis. Biophysical journal. 96 [PubMed]

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